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Reminiscent of Gone with the Wind, Hamptons Party of the Rich Draws Trump Admin, Democrats and the Media

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So as the mainstream media and Trump battle they all made nice for some Hamptons 4th of July fun. Keep in mind these are the folks that control the spin of America and run the government. All who are apart of the .04 percent that Trump’s tax cuts benefit. The party was hosted by Lally Weymouth, the former owner of the Washington Post and currently a senior associate editor.

Majority of the color in the room came from the ocean and the diversity could be found in the food and cocktails.

Jezebel posted the following:

Who are all these rich, almost-completely white people? Here’s a breakdown:

Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump – Trump top advisors

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

 Joel Klein: Former Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education; then Executive Vice President of News Corps.; now an executive at New York-based health start-up Oscar.

Alan Patricof: Investor; founder and chairman of New York Magazine; a Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton, though he often lunched with Young Jared Kushner.

Boyden Gray: Former counsel to President Bush and a main architect of the Clean Air Act; former ambassador to the E.U.

Chris Ruddy: CEO of Newsmax; Trump confidant.

Katharine Weymouth: The former publisher of the Washington Post; daughter of Lally Waymouth.

Mary JordanWashington Post correspondent “currently traveling America writing about the Trump era.”

 Richard CohenWashington Post columnist.

Margaret Carlson: Bloomberg News columnist; the first female columnist at Time.

Gillian Tett: U.S. managing editor of the Financial Times.

 Steve Clemons: Washington editor-at-large of The Atlantic.
 Robert Hormats: Vice Chairman of Kissinger Associates.

Carl Icahn: Billionaire investor.

 Charles Koch: One half of the infamous Koch brothers and CEO of Koch Industries.

John Paulson: An investor and one of Trump’s top economic advisers during his campaign.

Dina Powell: The U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy to Trump, evidently hand-fed to him by Mika Brzezinski.

Richard Edelman: Founder of the PR firm Edelman Group.

Maria Bartiromo: Anchor at FOX News.

Ray Kelly: Former Commissioner of the NYPD.

Bill Bratton: Ibid.

Jeff Rosen: Legal commentator.

William Drozdiak: A non-resident senior fellow at Brookings Center of the United States and Europe; senior advisor for McLarty and Associates.

Steven Spielberg: is there too, unfortunately for him.

Kelly Ann Conway

According to Politico Weymouth served champagne, rare filet, fried chicken, cornbread, a big chocolate cake, ice cream and cookies decorated as American flags.


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