For the past 6 months Trump Top Aid Omarosa Manigault’s White House talking points have not added up.

Omarosa Manigault, Trump champion, advocate, surrogate and African American representative. Her professional title in the White House is assistant to the president and director of communications in the Office of Public Liaison for the Trump Administration. While she stomps hard for Trump and proclaims herself a champion for African Americans she continues to find herself at odds and combative on black issues and with black leaders.

As Omarosa has been attending small African American gatherings with the black press, organizations and recently Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, she has been Trump’s spokesperson and met with resistance. Asking cautious audiences to give Trump a chance and how she will use her power to be an advocate for black issues. CNN contributor Angela Rye totally rejected her ask and gave her a piece of what many were thinking in the audience. The exchange took place at Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network Convention held in New York. It should be noted  that Omarosa spoke first and left before Rye took to the soapbox with tough rhetoric for the Trump aid.

On the campaign trail there was CNN anchor Don Lemon, an openly black gay journalist who she called a “drama queen and queen” repeatedly on a TMZ rant, after the two got into heated debates on CNN. She hasn’t been seen on his show since.

Next she went after one-time friend and colleague, White House correspondent April D. Ryan. Ryan claims Manigault physically and verbally intimidated her and claimed that the White House had “dossiers” of negative information on her and other journalists. Manigult denied the allegations.

Then there’s her Black History Month gathering of the HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) presidents to the White House for a photo-op and Kelly Ann Conway peep show. One of Omarosa’s top talking points is supporting HBCU’s and how this President will do more. Recently in a signing statement on May 5 by President Donald J. Trump on H.R. 244 the budget which authorizes appropriations that fund the operation of the Federal Government through September 30, 2017.  Trump brought up HBCU’s, suggesting that Historically Black College and University Capital Financing Program is unconstitutional.  Signaling he may ignore or disregard parts of the laws passed by Congress, which could jeopardize the funding allocated.

The Trump administration has already presented Congress a list of ways to cut $18 billion from the federal budget this year in an effort to offset its request for additional defense spending. Nearly $3 billion would be cut from education programs including Pell Grants that help low-income individuals pay for college. One of the topics HBCU’s wanted to address at the White House meeting which some never had the opportunity to do.

Back in January Manigault along with other members of Trump’s transitions met in an off the record meeting with black leaders and members of the Black press including Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr., president/CEO of the National Newspaper Publishers Association. Manigault made a promise to Chavis about a “first interview” after Trump was inaugurated.

 Manigault later invited herself to the NNPA’s Black Press Week in Washington DC. During opening remarks, Manigault had praised the Black journalists for historically asking “the tough questions”. But when the tough questions came from a promised made by Manigualt she snapped and went “Celebrity Apprentice”.

A reporter asked Manigault about the promised “first interview” with Trump to NNPA President Benjamin Chavis. Manigault responded, “I was very surprised because we’ve always had a great working relationship, Hazel, that you wrote such a dishonest story about a closed off the record meeting that I invited NNPA (National Newspaper Publishing Association a.k.a. Black Press) to make sure that we had a great relationship, that we started early. I was really surprised that you made that a press story because that was inaccurate. And moreover, you weren’t in the room.”

The reporter replied, “It was not inaccurate, and I have my sources right here. The question is when is the interview going to take place? That’s the question.”

Manigault continued, “……. your article did more damage to NNPA and their relationship with the White House because it’s not just me. So you attack me, they circle the wagons. So you can keep attacking me and they will continue to circle the wagons, but that does not advance the agenda of what NNPA is doing,”

Manigault doesn’t dispute having promised the interview. However, she was upset because the story said she promised Chavis “the first” interview. While the reporter wanted to know when would the interview take place.

Minutes later Manigualt stormed out the room. The publishers were in Washington observing NNPA’s annual Black Press Week, this year celebrating the 190th anniversary of the Black Press. The interview has yet to happen.

While some speculate Omarosa sold out for a large pay check, her finances were detailed in one of dozens of disclosure reports released by the White House.  The reports claim she received $46,000 in salary from the Trump campaign and presidential transition.

This story was written by Niele Anderson and originally appeared in the Los Angeles Sentinel.



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