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Black and White in America

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By Niele Anderson

One cannot overlook the hypocrisy of America with Trump as president.

Interesting enough Bill Cosby and Donald Trump have a lot in common these days. Different scenarios but same ending sexual assault allegations. One likes to give women mickey’s / Quaaludes before performing sexual acts the other likes to grab grope kiss and God knows what else. Both have sexual assault allegations hurled at them by multiple women, both have to deal with women’s right advocate and attorney Gloria Allred breathing down there back. They both are TV stars and business men and have strong political views.

Donald Trump’s chauvinistic and predator acts towards woman played out like a Bill Cosby rerun. Each week women were coming out saying he did it to me, he did it to me too.

While Bill Cosby is in trail and has been casted out of society, Donald Trump is able to be president. While this major elephant in the room is loud the main stream media has been quiet about the comparison, the republicans have allowed him to represent their party and no one has demanded Trump step down or be charged for his sexual crimes.

Donald Trump

A white man.

Trump’s father from Germany has been rumored to be a member of the KKK and arrested in 1927 for participating in a KKK riot.  Although Trump denies the rumor of his father one article written in the Long Island Daily Press, stated that all seven arrestees (Trump’s father being one of them) were wearing Klan attire.

Trumps main backing as he runs for president are white militias, back woods KKK groups, predominantly poor uneducated Caucasians according to many US polls and David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan leader who is running for Louisiana Senate and running robocalls to Vote Duke Vote Trump.

Trump has bashed Muslims with ignorance and flat right used discrimination as his platform for immigration reform. He likes to refer to African Americans when referencing ghettos and is a huge fan of the discriminatory “Stop and Frisk”.

Now in comparison to his allegations towards Hillary Clinton regarding the email/ FBI scandal it’s like calling the kettle black. “Over the course of decades, Donald Trump’s companies have systematically destroyed or hidden thousands of emails, digital records and paper documents demanded in official proceedings, often in defiance of court orders. These tactics—exposed by a Newsweek review of thousands of pages of court filings, judicial orders and affidavits from an array of court cases—have enraged judges, prosecutors, opposing lawyers and the many ordinary citizens entangled in litigation with Trump,” according to Newsweek.

These tactics date back as far as 1973 regarding a Department of Justice case against Trump and his father’s real estate company for discrimination against African Americans. More cases would follow.

A video of Trump bragging about assaulting women at his pleasure has resulted in a man being fired and allegations from multiple women including rape in 1994, mistreating female employees, sexual harassment, kissing women against their will, firing a woman because she was pregnant, telling a group of 14-year-olds he’d date them in a ‘couple of years’ and many other unsettling allegations.


Bill Cosby

A black man.

Over his life Bill Cosby has received over 40 honorary degrees, been a civil rights advocate, movie star and mega-TV star.  Cosby has received  the Kennedy Center Honor, Presidential Medal of Freedom and a multitude of others. He is a champion of HBCU’s with controversial views on the issues of African American’s.

He came under fire in 2004, after receiving an award at the celebration of the 50th anniversary commemoration of the Brown v. Board of Education ruling—a ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court that outlawed racial segregation in schools.

In his now controversial “Pound Cake” speech Cosby made critical remarks of African Americans who put higher priorities on sports and fashion, rather than self-respect and self-improvement, pleading for African-American to educate their children on the many different aspects of American culture.

For decades Cosby’s alleged degusting fetish of giving women Quaaludes and then taking advantage of them was kept with little to hush talk. Once one woman spoke out dozens more spoke up and the backlash was enormous for Cosby. Reruns of The Cosby Show and other shows featuring Cosby have also been pulled from syndication by many organizations. Twenty-five colleges and universities have rescinded his honorary degrees. He had to stop comedy touring. He recently has been declared blind and rarely leaves his home. He currently on trial on charges that he drugged and assaulted Andrea Constand at his home in 2004.

Now compare the two. Trump is President with no repercussions and makes decisions that perpetuate racism and oppress and vilify women. While we have cast Bill Cosby out humanity to where his name is basically taboo, faces prison time if convicted and is a shame to America.

America says all men are created equal but clearly the side of justice bends to race and America once again shows hypocrisy when it comes to black and white.


This story was written by Niele Anderson and originally appeared in the Los Angeles Sentinel.

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