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Freshman Senator Kamala Harris Committee Power

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Senator Harris has had primetime attention this week as the former California Attorney General came to question and not play at this week’s Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Responsibilities and Activities hearings. As a freshman, she goes close to last if not last which has put her in a unique position of having the last word. Wednesday, she caught headlines as Committee Chair Bur tried to interject her 5-minute questioning and she pushed back. At the Comey hearing she highlighted  US Attorney General Jeff Sessions roll and Comey’s interactions with Trump. She later took to her base on Facebook to voice her thoughts on the hearing:

As Harris finds her Senate rhythm she continues to stay connected with her constituents to ensure she hears from them. She is very concerned about making sure she represents their voices.

Harris recently paid a visit to her District as she prepares to have discussions about Trump’s infrastructure plans and budget as she sits on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee which oversees climate change and other environmental policies, this committee also oversees infrastructure policy. She also sits on the Senate Budget Committee which is responsible for drafting budget plans for Congress and for monitoring and enforcing rules surrounding spending, revenue, and the federal budget.

Senator Harris sits on the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee which oversees border security and other immigration issues with broad jurisdiction over government operations generally and the Department of Homeland Security, in particular. She previously reminded a town hall how progressive and diverse California is with the largest number of documented and undocumented immigrants yet California is the 6th economic power in the world, because as she stated “when a state wants to make it work they can”. She continued by showing how ICE raids and detention centers are another version of pipeline to prison and criminal justice reform as she stated, “We need to watch this Jeff Sessions (US Attorney General), who is talking about resuscitating all this. We have come too far to go back, to go backward on fundamental criminal justice issues, like whether or not this is a public health matter or a criminal justice matter”. Going further by saying “public safety is a civil right”. When asked about the wall she stated its a, “stupid use of money”.

As the Trump Administration continues to be investigated and continues to move forward on Homeland Security issues, infrastructure and budget proposals be on the lookout for Senator Kamala Harris.

Los Angeles 2nd District Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, Niele and Senator Kamala Harris during her recent June district visit.

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