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Sounds Like Steve Harvey Joins the Trump Admin and Republicans Attempt to Dismantle Obama Legacy

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Friday morning 6-9 on the Steve Harvey Morning Show, Steve spoke about his upcoming plans to work with Secretary of HUD Ben Carson on a national campaign for men of color. He went further to express how folks talked about him for meeting with Donald Trump and how they nor he didn’t understand what the Lord was doing until now. He referred to his critics as haters. He also spoke boldly about how he and Ben Carson a renowned brain surgeon who Trump didn’t even consider for Secretary of Health and Human Services but rather appoint him to be Secretary of Housing and “Urban” Development are going to go on a crusade to help men of color. His vision was clear.

Harvey a strong supporter of the previous Obama administration, who once applauded the administrations work, failed to remember or acknowledge the collaborative the Obama administration already established for programs dealing with the systemic and disenfranchised challenges for men of  color  with the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative. The well thought out initiative brought together private sector funding and community non-profits to aim at long term change for men of color, mentorship is a component of the overall initiative. Steve’s Harvey Foundation has a huge focus on mentorship. Steve even featured the initiative on his show.

An investment of $150 million has already been made for the My Brothers Keeper Initiative by a host of leading philanthropic foundations and businesses, including the Open Society Foundations, The Kapor Center for Social Impact, Bloomberg Philanthropies and  The Ford Foundation. These foundations also announced they would aim to invest at least $200 million more to discover and disseminate solutions that have the highest potential for impact in key areas. The Initiative then added My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge encouraging local cities to get involved.

The My Brothers Keeper Initiative is the work that you would think Steve would continue and add his touch but just like Trump his lack of knowledge when it comes to government and understanding how to make systematic change, contributes to the spread of the Trump-ism culture. Instead of expanding the White House My Brother’s Keeper Initiative, it appears Steve has joined the GOP in trying to dismantle everything the Obama administration has set forth. At times the current administration likes to cherry pick policies and initiatives in concept and rename them to there liking. We’re not saying this is the case we’re just saying….

To Steve’s credit his program similar to Essence Emiritus Susan Taylor Cares Mentoring Movement ( both place a hugh emphasis on mentorship)  have made significant contributions to combat some of the identified challenges for men of color.

Maybe we should give Harvey the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he didn’t get the RESISTANCE MEMO, which goes something like this (tailored for Steve’s proposed relations with the Trump Administration):

We support most of the past Administrations legislation, policies, programs, ideas and initiatives. Although there are things that can be modified, updated and amended to try and dismantle, repeal, replace and erase everything the past administration has approved and set forth is unacceptable, offensive and at times the tone feels racist. 

Furthermore the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative compliments the my vision for men of color and has substantial funding applied to it that is still active today. Therefore instead of repealing, replacing and attempting to erase and ignore I’d like add to and make even greater the previous administrations Whitehouse My Brothers Keeper’s Initiative. Since it already lays the groundwork for the work Carson and I are setting out to do for men of color.


That pretty much sums it up. I guess the Lord speaks to us all in mysterious ways……-niele

Steve’s comments regarding his Word from the Lord about helping men of color with the Trump Administration can be heard in the last 5 minutes of the show click here.


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