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Over 80% of the Nation Would Prefer to REPAIR & MODIFY Obamacare

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From the House to the Senate, Republicans plow forward with their Healthcare plans to “repeal and replace” while over 80% of the nation and Democrat leaders prefer to “repair and modify”.


By Niele Anderson

Contributing Writer


Messaging is everything as democrat leaders zig zag across the country talking in town halls to rally the nation to preserve a right that was mandated under the Obama administration- Healthcare. Under the Obama administration healthcare would no longer be a privilege for some but a right for all.


As healthcare in America has it challenges and pitfalls that need some repairs and modifications, republicans prefer to demolish and continue to hide behind closed doors with no debates, hearings or opinions from the medical industry. One thing that the republicans have been able to get across clearly with strong media messaging is “repeal and replace” with their bill purposing to destroy affordable care, collapse medi-care and strip 22 million of healthcare. To read full article click here.


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