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Protest for Kaepernick Grow

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Colin Kaerpernick’s decision to kneel, in contrast with some NFL fans’ opinion to stand in honor of the Star-Spangled Banner, has taken over the 2017-2018 NFL conversation. During this time of year, fans are usually discussing NFL pre-season games, rosters, etc., but due to controversy, many in the African American community are torn or have simply said boycott while Kaepernick remains unsigned.

The NFL stands to lose millions of dollars with NFL fans from all backgrounds and ethnicities speaking out for Kaepernick’s right of freedom of speech and bringing attention to an unspoken spirit of racism woven in American history through national anthems, monuments and leadership. While the nation is consumed by racial division and discussion, the Kaepernick protests have spread beyond football, drawing more people not associated with the sport to speak out and join the protest.

While protests continue to increase, Kaepernick remains steadfast in his activism and passion for the sport of football. He tweeted within one hour, ways to help the Houston Texans, and even retweeted a picture of him in an Atlanta Falcons Jersey.

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